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Bible College


Bible College

In Burn Leadership Academy, students will receive teaching from various pastors, instructors, church planters, and missionaries, all of which are serving in full-time ministry or Christian Education.  By combining two years of classes into one, and with Practical Ministry experience, a student will take 60 credit hours in one year.  Through the course of this one year in Burn, a student will receive his or her Diploma of Theology and Associate of Ministry degree, both of which from Faith Theological Seminary and Christian College, located in Tampa, FL.  Time spent in class each week will be about 8-10 hours, and students will be given a study period throughout the week to accomplish coursework.  Note below the list of classes:


Diploma of Theology

CED110- Writing for College

THE101- Bible Interpretation/Hermeneutics

OTS101- Old Testament Survey

NTS101- New Testament Survey

SPT110- Biblical Worldview

NTS102- Life & Teachings of Christ 

Associate of Ministry

PTH202- Evangelism & Discipleship

THE402- Children and Youth

BUS201- Biblical Finances

PTH220- Principles of Worship

MIS301- Missions

SPT403- Spiritual & Ministry Gifts

SPT402- Pastoral Ethics/Leadership

PRE201- Homiletics/Preaching

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Burn Classes

Burn Classes

Some classes include:

  • Business Etiquette  

  • How to Lead a Small Group

  • Humility, Honor, and Joy

  • Dating and Marriage 

  • Godly Family 

  • Serving with Excellence

  • Identity in Christ

  • Small Group Leadership 

  • Prayer and Fasting 

  • Basics of Auto Maintenance 

  • Basics of Cooking

  • Creative Strategy

to know God. to make him known.

It is our goal to equip and empower the next generation of whole-hearted and devoted followers of Christ. To this end, Burn will be involved in various other teachings to sharpen them in their leadership, walk with God, and practical skills. 


In addition to all this, Burn will also take part weekly in Corporate Workouts. A gym membership will be included in their tuition.